About Me​

Emmanuel Babalola

I was a college student at Politecnico di Torino, Italy where I studied Electronic and Computer Engineering. During my college time I have always try to find out if making money online is true but after pondering on it for hours and days still I’m not yet convinced if that is possible. so I said to my self that the only sure way to be successful and have money is by going to college and getting that degree.

The Open Eye

Just like have said previously that I don’t think making money online is true but a scam! then, one day a friend of mine introduce me to something that is beyond my imagination. it’s a way to make money online and the system was only about posting and making comments. it’s like the facebook we have today where you post and make comments but the difference between that platform and facebook is that you get paid for doing all of that. the system is called “Alcatel Lucent” where you post share ideas on a topic and you get paid for doing that! but today the opportunity is not existing again.I made rougly $750 every week because all I do with my time when I discover this was to sit on my laptop and start posting ideas, contributing to an idea and leveraging my income everyday.

This gave me another perspective of another world entirely and that was how my belief became stronger about making money online.


Ever since I knew that making money online is real and not scam provided you didn’t fall in the hands of the wrong ones. then I started digging deeper and deeper to find more opportunity to make lot of money online and that has really pave way for me. the only way to be successful in life is to devote time in what you believe and have passion for!

So my mission is to help people as much as I can to leverage their income to financial success so that they can also help others. think about a world where everyone is rich and wealthy? I bet you the level of crime, hate and murder will reduce.

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